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FC 5200 Series
A 36 or 48-volt power system

An infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel column allows better positioning and comfort.

Steering column is offset to the left for proper positioning of left-hand steering.

The steering column is only four inches wide, improving visibility, and is sculpted to allow more knee room.

FC 5200 Series

4-Wheel Counterbalanced Forklift
4000, 5000, 5500 and 6000 lb Capacity

One Smart, Tough Forklift

Crown's FC 5200 Series forklift is engineered and manufactured to deliver reliable performance long after others begin to fail. It's the result of the strongest, most durable frame, power train, brakes and masts in the industry. The fusion of technology and innovation makes the FC 5200 Series one smart, tough forklift that anticipates the challenges you face every day, and for years to come.


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MODELCapacityTurning Radius
FC 5210/15-40400069.1 in.
FC 5220/25-40400075.3 in.
FC 5210/15-50500071.9 in.
FC 5220/25-50500075.4 in.
FC 5240/45-50500078.0 in.
FC 5220/25-55550078.2 in.
FC 5240/45-55550080.9 in.